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NATURETTY – a place to buy the best that man can create from nature!

NATURETTY is a family business that believes in the power of nature and man’s connection with nature in the long run. For many years, looking for and testing natural products in our daily lives, we began to dream of a place where one would no doubt know that the products offered are 100% natural, alive, created with joy. We had a great desire to get to know the creators of such products, to learn their stories and to tell them to the wider world, in order to make together the environment around us healthier, more sustainable and happier.

The NATURETTY team began to study the natural products offered, their compositions, the origins of the raw materials and the ways in which these products are tested with great enthusiasm. After lengthy research, there was great disappointment, as often the marketing slogan or product name was the only and true proof of a “natural product”. But, behind every dark cloud, a ray of sunlight always appears! We had continued to research more and more until we managed to find 100% natural body care products, sustainable products for household, natural products for children, clean foods. We had enthusiastically started addressing these unique product creators and realized that the dream could be realized! These brand stories have been inspiring us from hair ends to heels – every day! They are really unique and come to life! From these stories comes our best future in the long run. We believe that together we will succeed in making the world cleaner, healthier and happier in the long run.

Everything a human needs is found in nature, what is not – human is able to create from nature.

We want to encourage and educate people about a natural way of life in the long run by choosing alive, clean, natural and healthy products. Our core values are HUMAN, NATURE, HONESTY, CARE.

In the NATURETTY e-shop you will find only tested and 100% natural body care products, zero waste products, sustainable products for the household and the whole family.

If you see that we together can make the world a better place, we will be happy to work together. We are grateful for your views and suggestions. Address us here –