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Privacy Policy:

Our desire is to give you the best of us! And to do it comfortably, safely and, at the same time, exciting. We want to provide you with quality content, sometimes special and personalized – just for you! Therefore, we need to use cookies on our website and social networks. What’s more – to be able to address you in person, to be able to select the most suitable ideas for gifts or to please you with great offers. We only require the information that we reasonably need and that has a legal basis.

The most important task for RIMORI LTD is to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience, therefore we collect and retain the personal data provided by costumer’s.

We are conscientious and do not demand or process customer personal data that is not necessary to achieve the process of purchasing goods, services or receiving information.

Personal data is used as information used by RIMORI LTD to identify persons, manage accounts and fulfill the terms of the Agreement concluded between the buyer (customer) and the seller (RIMORI LTD).

RIMORI LTD processes relevant personal data of costumers, which is necessary to receive information about the purchase made, about the customer’s wishes regarding the offered service, about the remainder of goods.

The personal data of our customers, which have become known when visiting, are considered confidential.

Cookies are used to ensure the operation of the online store and to enable our customers to make successful purchases through their account. It is important to us, that customers’ shopping is convenient and interesting, so we use cookies to understand customers’ interests, for example, which of the sections has been of bigger interests of, or to remind, which product has been added to the ‘wish list’.

“We use cookies to provide the highest quality service to our customers.”

If you have any questions, requests or suggestions regarding the Privacy Policy, please contact us by writing to