Trusted Brands

Get to know the marvelous brands we work hand in hand with as well as their unique offers!


Indulge in Apimi's exquisite range of products, carefully curated with natural and certified ingredients. Offering an ever-growing selection of options to meet your needs.

Bee Bite

Step into the World of Bee Bite: A Family-Owned Venture with Over 35 Years of Expertise in Beekeeping.


Experience the cutting-edge world of Hydrophil: Pioneers in crafting innovative and eco-friendly hygiene products.


Indulge in the art of gentle self-care and gentle care for the environment. Feel the elegance in every self-care routine.

Oga 7

Make your precious skin glow. Revitalize it with Dr. Ingmāra Cinkmaņa's restorative cosmetics.

Pure Skin Food

Discover the all-natural cosmetics line, made with 100% organic ingredients and held to the highest quality standards.


Get to know Silmachy - Crafting cosmetics with all heart and soul. Honored to be recognized as winners in the "E-commerce Star 2022" awards, securing the bronze category.


Save the planet with Solidu - Ethical, innovative and waterless products with 100% compostable packaging.