Sustainable toothbrush – natural – bristles medium

Bamboo toothbrush with MEDIUM – soft bristles. Made of sustainable materials – castor oil-based bamboo and vegetable nylon bristles, as well as natural, environmentally friendly dyes. Climate neutral – made from renewable raw materials – BPA-free – petroleum-free – colored with natural colors – soft bristles.


The environment around us is beautiful. Anyone who looks at the environment in all areas comes to the conclusion that responsibility and beauty must be mutually unifying factors. The HYDROPHIL sustainable toothbrush made from bamboo not only looks great, but is also a good choice for reducing plastic consumption. The medium-soft bristles of the toothbrush do a great job of cleaning your teeth while taking care of your gum health. It is recommended to change the natural toothbrush every 3 months.

• Made of sustainable materials – bamboo and vegetable nylon bristles made on the basis of castor oil, as well as natural, environmentally friendly dyes.
• The handle consists of particularly fast growing Moso bamboo and is biodegradable. During its two-year growth phase, Moso bamboo reaches a height of up to 20 meters. Artificial irrigation is not used in our bamboo cultivation, nor are pesticides or other chemicals.
• The bio-based bristles are obtained from castor oil. The oil obtained from the plant is processed into bio-nylon and is free from BPA and petroleum.
• The solvent-free colored paints from the natural paint manufacturer AURO, which are used to color the handles, are also consistently ecological.

VEGAN HYDROPHIL bamboo toothbrush is the first climate-neutral one in Europe.

Suitable for: For adults.

Product/packaging recycling: 100% biodegradable handle.

Raw materials: Bamboo and vegetable nylon bristles made on the basis of castor oil, as well as natural, environmentally friendly dyes.

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Amazing service and products. Delivery was quick too. I loved every bit of this experience.
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I just love natural and lively products... I've been using NATURETTY products for a few months now.
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Super products and the best team! You guys really inspire me :)
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Gunta Čipate★★★★★
A great opportunity to pamper yourself with natural products. Because you also need to give yourself a break from your daily routine every now and then and pamper yourself.
(Translated from Latvian)
Eva Šķēle★★★★★
Completely ecological products cherished with love, I am very happy to have discovered these natural products. My favorite products are body lotion with propolis and red clover extract, the skin is so silky, I recommend it from the bottom of my heart! Good luck to the owners of Naturetty, may your brand flourish and prosper!
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Evija Pintane★★★★★
A wonderful family business. Very good quality products, and most importantly, natural. Thank you.
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Mārtiņš Depša★★★★★
Great production gathered in one place. Communicative sellers, pleasant attitude.
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Elza Muižniece★★★★★
All natural and in one place for the whole family and every taste!
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Aija Mežale★★★★★
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Only the purest organically active ingredients from tested - organically grown plants.Only the purest organically active ingredients from tested - organically grown plants.